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Biological waste as fuel for electrochemical current sources

There is quite a lot of talk these days about the use of "clean" energy. But few suspect that one path to this pure form may lead down winding, excrement-covered paths. Many scientific workplaces have focused quite a lot of effort in this direction, but for the time being it has not been crowned with a success that is clear enough to mean even a partial revolution in the energy of smaller outputs.

This enticing technology is currently being researched at our facility. It is the use of anaerobic bacteria to prepare suitable fuel from biological waste.

A little about bacteria and other simple organisms:

Bacteria are found in soil, air and water. Their ability to change solid matter into gas has been used for quite some time. An example is bacteria capable of producing methane. Digesting one molecule of glucose releases two molecules of methane. Methane can be used as a fuel to drive generators that produce electricity. The problem is that burning methane produces carbon dioxide, which is one of the gases that cause the greenhouse effect.

Learn more in our presentation.

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