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Graduating from anywhere: How to graduate from high school while working?

Modern technology is transforming the field of education. It is now possible to study from anywhere. How can you easily complete your high school diploma online?

You can get your GCSEs in a modern way via the internet

Having a high school diploma generally means demonstrating a certain level of knowledge. It is also necessary to devote time to studying. However, school should be an open environment that is accessible to all those who show a desire to learn.

It should therefore not restrict potential candidates for further education in terms of location. It should also allow students to schedule their studies in such a way that they can combine them with their professional and personal life. And that is what online learning allows you to do.

The European Training Academy also applies this model. The school currently offers education in several levels, and always just as an online concept. This concept of study is protected by the Professional Qualifications Act No. 179/2006 Coll.

This method allows all students to schedule their studies in such a way that they can fully adapt them to their own strengths and time possibilities. It is possible to study at any age and initial professional and family situation.

However, traditional teaching largely deprives candidates of motivation. In the vast majority of cases, this is so-called frontal teaching, in which the teacher is dominant. Thus, pupils and students have less opportunity to actively participate in the ongoing process.

At the European Training Academy, on the other hand, learning takes place exclusively via the internet, thanks to a sophisticated system of online courses, seminars and other programmes that adapt the content of the curriculum to the needs of the student. In addition, each individual receives his or her own individual learning plan. They can also use the consultation system and visit the school at any time as needed.

In addition to the timetable itself, the length of the studies is also individual. It is thus possible to spread the graduation period over up to five years. However, if the student is particularly motivated and committed, the time required to obtain the qualification can be shortened to just one year.

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